Human Rights & Nursing Award Recipient

Congratulations to Eileen Greene, the co-founder of The Home Of Good Hope, for receiving the 2015 Human Rights And Nursing Award from the International Care Ethics Observatory at the University Of Surrey, England. This prestigious award recognizes Eileen's tireless work to help impoverished children in Katutura, Namibia. The International Care Ethics Observatory will present the award on July 17, 2015 at a ceremony at the University Of Surrey, Guilford UK.

This honour comes at a pivotal time in the development of The Home Of Good Hope. Co-founded by Canadian Eileen Greene and Namibian Monica Imanga, The Home Of Good Hope provides meals to the poorest children in the township of Katutura, near Windhoek, Namibia. For the past few years the 'soup kitchen' has been largely funded through Eileen's family and friends with an annual fundraising dinner and auction. The project has now been registered as a charity in Namibia with a Nambibian board of directors and is in the process of registering as a charity in Canada with a board of directors in place in Victoria.

Land is being secured in order to build a permanent place to feed the children and provide some essential services. Most of the children have lost their mothers to AIDS and are being raised by grandmothers in this sprawling shanty-town. The goal of The Home Of Good Hope is to prevent these children from meeting the same fate as so many of their parents.